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Open Corral January 11, 2020

View the sale offering and enjoy a great meal and refreshments!

Come join our group of breeders for chili, hot dogs and refreshments! 

This will be a great opportunity to view the 2020 sale offering and visit with the breeders about the bulls. No pressure, no hassles - just bulls, food, drinks and great conversation!!! 

Thank you 2019 Buyers!


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Thank you for the tremendous support in 2017!

Montana's Northern Premier Sale had its beginning in 1999 when Kelly McCracken (KelMcC Angus) and Marvin Cross (Top Notch Angus) decided to combine their resources and market their bulls at silent auction. The sale was known as the KelMcC Plus sale and was held at the KelMcC Angus Ranch, west of Turner. The silent auction format continued until 2005. In 2006 Kelly and Marvin changed the format of the sale to a live auction and moved the sale location to Bear Paw Livestock in Chinook. In 2006 Peterson Grain and Cattle, Boyum Angus and Whistling Winds Angus approached Kelly and Marvin with the possibility of joining the sale. The demand for bulls in North Central Montana was good and the decision was made to have one sale, with the idea that more numbers would draw buyers from further away and to also attract volume buyers. This sale became known as Montana's Northern Premier Sale. The goal of the  breeders was to sell only the best. With five breeders involved it was easier to keep the sale numbers up and allow each individual to cull their poorer bulls. Boyum Angus dropped out after the 2010 sale, in order to pursue a larger farming operation but the remaining four breeders have continued with the sale. They all have the same goal "Producing Good Honest Cattle". The numbers have continued to grow as the demand for their bulls has grown. The bulls are fed at Peterson Grain and Cattle north of Havre. They are fed a high roughage diet and expected to gain 3.00-3.25 pounds per day. We invite you to visit the feedlot at any time to look at the bulls or call any of the owners to visit about the bulls.

4 Great Programs With 1 Goal ...Producing Good Honest Cattle

KelMcC Angus

Kelly McCracken

Turner, MT

(406)262-2347 (c)

(406)379-2373 (h)


Peterson Grain & Cattle

Kim & Nola Peterson Family

Havre, MT

(406)394-2236 (h)

(406)945-0544, Kim

(406)945-2717, Andee


Top Notch Angus

Marv & Patty Cross

Chinook, MT

(406)357-3534 (h)

(406)262-3127, Marv

(406)262-4635, Patty


Whistling Winds Angus

Dave & Katie Sattoriva

Hingham, MT

(406)397-3386 (h)

(406)390-1471, Dave