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A note on COVID 19

    Montana’s Northern Premier Angus Sale group believes that our auctioneer, Roger Jacobs said it best. “The hardest working most resilient people in the world are God-fearing ranchers and farmers who feed the world! We will not panic, we will not cower in fear, we'll go about our business producing the world's best protein and fiber.” With that being said, we would like to emphasize that the sale will remain scheduled for April 9th. As producers ourselves, we fully understand that our bull buyers still need bulls and need to have them turned out on time.  Business may have shut down around the country, but that doesn’t change the gestation period of your cows.  

     We continue to monitor the current COVID 19 virus situation and any changes issued by the federal, state, or local authorities. Customers can still attend our sale if they prefer a seat in the stands to a seat at the computer.  The sale will also continue to broadcast live, on Northern Livestock Video Auction with real-time online bidding. If you are uncomfortable bidding online, there will be several representatives as well as the breeders there to help get your bid to the auctioneer via phone. 

Roger Jacobs, auctioneer (406)-698-7686

Kim Peterson, Peterson Grain & Cattle (406)-945-0544

Andee Peterson, Peterson Grain & Cattle (406)-945-2717

Marv Cross, Top Notch Angus (406)-262-3127

Patty Cross, Top Notch Angus (406)-262-4635

Dave Sattoriva, Whistling Winds Angus (406)-390-1471

Kelly McCracken, Kel-McC Angus (406)-262-2347

Kurt Kangas, American Angus Assoc (406)-366-4190

John Goggins, Western Ag Reporter (406)-698-4159

Devin Murnin, Western Livestock Journal (406)-696-1502

Bo Bevis, Northern Livestock Video Auction (406)-390-3134

Bear Paw Livestock (406)-357-2286

Travis Buck (406)-390-0555

Dexter Buck (406)-799-2286 


     We also would like to remind you that videos of each bull will be available, on Northern Livestock Video Auction’s web page as well as Montana’s Northern Premier page.  All animals sold by The Northern Premier Group come with a sight-unseen purchase guarantee.  Upon delivery the buyer can inspect the cattle; if the buyer is not happy with their new purchase, they may refuse delivery of the animal.  

     We hope this health scare crisis is resolved by sale day, and we wanted to take time to reach out to our customers and let them know that, even in these troubled times, we are committed to getting them the product they have come to expect from Montana’s Northern Premier Angus Sale.   

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KelMcC Angus

Kelly McCracken

Turner, MT

(406)262-2347 (c)

(406)379-2373 (h)


Peterson Grain & Cattle

Kim & Nola Peterson Family

Havre, MT

(406)394-2236 (h)

(406)945-0544, Kim

(406)945-2717, Andee


Top Notch Angus

Marv & Patty Cross

Chinook, MT

(406)357-3534 (h)

(406)262-3127, Marv

(406)262-4635, Patty


Whistling Winds Angus

Dave & Katie Sattoriva

Hingham, MT

(406)397-3386 (h)

(406)390-1471, Dave

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